CPUID Hardware Monitor (HWMonitor) 1.39 Pro | 1.41 Free | Portable

HWMonitor is a hardware monitoring program that reads PC systems main health sensors: voltages, temperatures, fans speed. The program handles the most common sensor chips, like ITE® IT87 series, most Winbond® ICs, and others. In addition, it can read modern CPUs on-die core thermal sensors, as well has hard drives temperature via S.M.A.R.T, and video card GPU temperature.

Remote Monitoring

  • Watch the sensors of one or several distant PCs or Android devices using a simple TCP/IP connection.

Graph Generator

  • Save monitoring data and generate logging graphs as bitmap files.

Improved Interface

Firefox Download Tool

The Firefox Download Tool is used for downloading different versions and language variants of the Firefox Internet browser. By default, the software always downloads the most recent version; however, selecting older versions versions is possible as well. Furthermore, the tool can be used for selecting the language variant of Firefox and deciding between the 32-bit and the 64-bit version.

Information related to the selected Firefox version is displayed in the lower part of the window. Download is started by pushing the Start button. The progress bar provides information about the state of the downloading process. If the download is successfully completed, the Firefox installation file appears in the indicated directory. The text in the lower part of the window becomes active and turns blue. It can be used for
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save2pc Ultimate 5.5.8 Build 1587 | Portable

save2pc Ultimate — a program for downloading and converting video files stored on popular video hosting YouTube. With the help of YouTube Downloader can download any video file from a web service YouTube to set out on his page here. All that is required from the user — is to copy and paste the link into the window save2pc Ultimate, select the format you want and start the automatic download / convert video file. It supports most common video formats (AVI, WMV, MOV, 3GP, MP4). Probably not save the video, but only a sound track in MP3. To convert the downloaded files using software engine FFmpeg. If necessary, you can manually adjust all encoding options, using the usual commands codecs in a row starting.

With the Save2pc Ultimate users can upload videos to YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, DailyMo
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R-Studio Emergency Network GUI-TUI 8.9.0681 BootCD

R-Studio Emergency runs from a set of floppy disks, CD / DVDs or removable disks, when you need to restore data from a computer that does not boot Windows due to the corruption of the boot partition or system files. There are two versions of R-Studio Emergency: R-Studio Emergency TUI (Text User Interface) and R-Studio Emergency GUI (Graphical User Interface).

R-Studio Emergency Startup Media Creator is installed on Windows and creates such bootable R-Studio Emergency devices (TUI or GUI), as a set of floppy disks and removable drives. An ISO image can also be created for the R-Studio Emergency bootable CD / DVD program (you can download the already created R-Studio Emergency ISO image directly from our website, see below).

Wondershare UniConverter | Portable

Wondershare UniConverter (Video Converter Ultimate) is an all-in-one DVD Converter Software. You can convert DVD to video and convert video between popular video formats and burn video to DVD.

Enjoying your videos just got simpler. Now you can watch anytime, anywhere. Alter, enhance, convert – whatever you do – the final result will be in perfect quality ( even in high-definition or 3D) no missing key frames, redraw issues, or crashes.

Key Features

TeraByte Unlimited BootIt Bare Metal 1.59 Retail | BootCD

BootIt Bare Metal — manage your partitions, install and boot multiple operating systems with ease, back up and restore partitions or entire drives – all this and more…

Taking its roots from its highly successful predecessor, BootIt Next Generation, BootIt BM has been developed from the beginning to provide a powerful set of tools for today’s computer users, enthusiasts, and professionals.

BootIt Bare Metal — Partition Manager

The Bat! Voyager Final Portable | RePack by D!akov | RePack by elchupacabra

RePack by D!akov — English | Russian registered version.
RePack by elchupacabra — Russian | English | Ukrainian registered version.

The Bat! Voyager is a portable email client software which you can launch from any USB or portable media on any computer running Microsoft Windows. The Bat! Voyager lets you safely send and receive messages, stores your personal templates and protects your email data from viruses and malware. With the ability to run from a USB-drive, or an IDE converter, The Bat! Voyager harnesses the security features of The Bat! and allows you to take them anywhere.

The Bat! Voyager was created in order to receive and send emails from any computer. The program will keep your personal em
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Sysinternals Suite 2019.09.05

Sysinternals Suite — A suite of technical tools to configure, optimize, test, detect and correct errors in the operating systems Windows.Spektr application of this package is quite wide, because the utility of his cover many areas of the operating system. For example, the utility controls the Autoruns Startup, Process Monitor provides monitoring of all operations that take place in the file system, and the utility PageDefrag performs optimization and defragment your registry.


Victoria 4.75b | Portable

Victoria is a simple and powerful program to check the hard drive, which was created to assess performance, test, troubleshoot minor issues and formatting the disk

Despite the fact that the program interface is quite simple, Victoria HDD is still designed for users with high or medium level of technical training. Depending on the level of training you may configure the software Victoria HDD that will allow you to change the algorithm scan the external hard drive to suit you.
The app shows all details about your hard disk model, disk size, features and total size.

Victoria HDD test also produces a disk su
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StartIsBack+ 1.7.6 Final | StartIsBack++ 2.8.9 Final | RePack by D!akov | StartIsBack AiO 1.0.16 RePack by elchupacabra

StartIsBack+ 1.7.6 Final RePack by D!akov — Multilingual registered version. Renewed activation.
StartIsBack++ 2.8.9 Final RePack by D!akov — Multilingual registered version.
StartIsBack AiO 1.0.15 RePack by elchupacabra — Multilingual registered version

StartIsBack — the missing Windows 8 start menu is back. Get the most useful and authentic start menu for Windows 8.x.

StartIsBack is a tiny application that gives you the possibility of assigning the classical Start button and Start menu to Windows 8. It packs a few configuration settings that can be handled by users of any level of experience.

Unlike other similar apps which return the old Start menu and button, the side menu of Star
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